Fight-or-Flight: Eliminate Anxiety Triggers w/ the Option Method

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This book will help you eliminate physical anxiety triggers for non-life-threatening scenarios (real or imagined) and triggers that seem to have no cause.

More than 2,000 studies have demonstrated that our thoughts and beliefs (which we can view as ingrained or "stored" thoughts) are one of, if not the primary root causes of our anxiety. Cognitive behavior therapies, CBT and the Option Method are based on this discovery.  

Many have the goal of getting rid of their anxiety but what does it take to do that? Recognizing that the anxiety we dislike and want to get rid of is a fight-or-flight response to something, eliminating anxiety is really a game of neutralizing and eliminating your fight-or-flight triggers. How do you do that? That's what this book is for. This ebook, which can be read in less than 30 minutes, will help you eliminate and find the root cause of anxiety triggers using a cognitive behavioral technique called the Option Method.  

Therapy has failed to improve anxiety levels in several people despite being "evidence-based" and I argue that's because you or your therapist must be skilled enough to uncover and change anxiety-causing beliefs and thinking patterns that are often unconscious.  

Why should you buy this book? 

If you're someone who has a goal of being able to step into any social or non-social setting and express yourself without any anxiety, this book is for you.  

This book gives you the tools to eliminate and find the root cause of any anxiety trigger you have. It contains unique insights from someone who acquired and repeatedly used what's in this book to battle and overcome their own anxiety. The tools are based on "battle-tested" stoic and ancient CBT philosophies. For reasons unbeknownst to me, mental health professionals aren’t aware of The Option Method which is simpler and quicker to use than other CBT manuals out there that can be quite large in size. 

If you’d like to see an example of this book in action, I have a summary of me finding the root cause of an anxiety trigger. That page also contains the full audio and transcript of the session so you can see what it looks like to eliminate and find the root cause of an anxiety trigger.  

Other people that will benefit from this book

  • You feel like you have an overly intense physical anxiety response that makes it difficult to respond to others. Perhaps your anxiety response is so strong or happens so often that you avoid social situations/engagements.
  • Your physical anxiety triggers make it difficult to express yourself because your voice quivers, your heartbeat races, and you find it hard to be present.

What’s in this book

There are essentially two solutions in this short ebook:

  1. Part 1: How to identify why something makes you anxious - aka find the root cause of a trigger
  2. Part 2: Free yourself from the anxiety trigger

If you have any questions you want answered before buying don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

What is the Option Method and why should you care about it? 

The Option Method provides a five-question step-by-step process anyone can use to uncover and dismantle anxiety-causing beliefs. It's particularly useful for uncovering unconscious beliefs.

I used the Option Method on myself and with the help of an Option practitioner--when I first learned about the method--to deal with debilitating social anxiety symptoms and it worked

Why this book over other Option Method materials?

The Option Method can be applied for several psychological problems but this book digested it for you to specifically target physical anxiety. My writings contain unique insights from applying the Option Method on myself to improve my anxiety symptoms and embeds the knowledge I gained from receiving training and completing a practicum with the Method. Although the Option Method is simply a set of 5 questions, it can be tough for someone new to the Method to know when and how to ask those questions and then what to do with the answers so that you can eliminate physical anxiety triggers. For example, some people may unknowingly overlook some of their beliefs, thinking that certain things are "reality" or "how things are." I provide insights to avoid mistakes like this and clarity so beginners can quickly get up to speed in successfully eliminating their triggers.

About the author

Harrison holds a bachelor's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has been fascinated with psychology since his teen years. A former software engineer who's been studying anxiety, high performance, and mastery for the past 8 years, Harrison uses reason and logic to help people free themselves of anxiety.

He shares free anxiety insights at

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Fight-or-Flight: Eliminate Anxiety Triggers w/ the Option Method

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