Why Am I Anxious: Understanding the Root Cause of Anxiety

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More than 2,000 studies have demonstrated that our thoughts and beliefs (which we can view as ingrained thoughts) are one of, if not the primary root causes of our anxiety. I validated this assertion for myself when I started dealing with my own debilitating anxiety years ago with a particular cognitive behavior technique called the Option Method. I worked one-on-one with an Option practitioner and learned while eliminating anxiety triggers that we often have unconscious reasons why we think we should be anxious about whatever our triggers are. 

Why should you read this book? 

CBT research has shown that anxiety is caused by our thoughts and beliefs but why? What’s going on behind the scenes? This book answers those questions while also leaving readers able to say, "I know why I get anxious." This knowledge will naturally show the reader what he/she needs to do to start eliminating their anxiety.

What will you be able to do after reading this book?

After reading this book, you’ll understand why you get emotional when you do, know how to begin uncovering the beliefs driving your anxiety, and have an awareness that will help you limit the number of fight-or-flight triggers you pick up in the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at harrison.obiorah@gmail.com or through my website contact page.

About the author

Harrison holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has been fascinated with psychology since his teen years. A former software engineer who's been studying anxiety, high performance, and mastery for the past 8 years, Harrison uses reason and logic to help people understand and eliminate their anxiety triggers.

He shares free anxiety insights at harrisonobiorah.com.

Where can you go to learn more about anxiety and the Option Method?


I also have a book on how to use the Option Method to find why we feel anxious/bad about something and eliminate that thing from making us feel anxious/bad in the future. It includes insights and lessons learned from my Option Method training and use of the Option Method on myself.

If you get value out of this book and would like to support this work and the creation of future work like this, I'd appreciate a donation of any amount that feels right for you. You can donate with this paypal link. I'd also appreciate non-monetary "donations" like sharing this book with people you think it can help.

If you prefer to donate in a different way, just let me know at harrison.obiorah@gmail.com.


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Why Am I Anxious: Understanding the Root Cause of Anxiety

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