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The Conquering Physical Anxiety Guide

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What does it mean to overcome anxiety? By this I mean you have all the skills and understanding required to free yourself from anxiety and the different ways it holds you back. When you have those things, achieving your desired anxiety-free end state is just a matter of time.

I'd further put to you that overcoming anxiety is really a game of neutralizing and eliminating one's physical anxiety triggers. This guide will teach you everything you need to play and win this game. A trigger is something that, when encountered, we experience a fight-or-flight response. At the root of a trigger is often an unknown anxiety-causing belief or way of thinking. In less than a day, these short ebooks and essays will teach you why and how our psychology produces physical anxiety and how to uncover and discard unconscious anxiety-causing beliefs and thinking patterns.

Below are the steps you'll progress through with this guide so you can become more anxiety-free.

What you'll learn with this bundle

You will be fully equipped to eliminate your physical anxiety triggers which will lead to increased self-awareness, personal growth, and an enhanced ability to pursue your personal goals.

If you can't answer the following questions which this bundle does, it will likely be tough for you to self-sufficiently eliminate your anxiety triggers.

  1. Do you really know why people get physically anxious about things? This will help you know why you get anxious whenever you do. Answered in Why Am I Anxious
  2. Do you believe some of your anxiety happens for no reason and has no identifiable cause? Research shows this isn't true. Further answered in Why Am I Anxious
  3. Do you know how to find the unconscious thinking patterns and beliefs causing your anxiety? Answered in Fight-or-Flight: How to Eliminate Your Anxiety Triggers
  4. Are you aware of your unconscious thinking patterns that cause you to develop new anxiety triggers and maintain the triggers you already have? Answered in The Anxiety Paradox
  5. Do you think your anxiety is due to a chemical imbalance that requires pharmacological intervention? This view has been debunked.
  6. If your anxiety has gotten worse with age, do you know why? Answered in The Anxiety Paradox
  7. Do you know that some people unconsciously use anxiety as a tool to protect themselves, which can unknowingly prevent someone from becoming free from anxiety? Answered in The Anxiety Paradox

Some assume that seeing a therapist is all they need, but with the demand for psychiatric drugs and the disappointment people have when going to therapy, it's clear that not all therapists are skilled enough to help people improve their anxiety. This quick-read bundle empowers you to be your own anxiety therapist.

About the author

Harrison holds a bachelor's in computer science from Georgia Tech and has been fascinated with psychology since his teen years. A former software engineer who's been studying anxiety, high performance, and mastery for the past 8 years, Harrison uses reason and logic to help people understand and eliminate their anxiety triggers.

He shares free anxiety insights at

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The Conquering Physical Anxiety Guide

0 ratings
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